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Our gourmet cookies are handcrafted from only the best ingredients including grass-fed butters, organic pasture-raised eggs, and rich chocolates. 


Go ahead, forget your diet and eat cookies. We promise we're worth it. 

At this time, FYD* cookies does not offer gluten-free or vegan cookies. All of our cookies contain gluten and dairy products. 


FYD* cookies are NOT made in a nut free facility. If you have any severe food-related allergies, please contact us via email at fydcookies@gmail.com before eating any FYD cookie products. 


FYD* Cookies is a delivery only cookie shop. We deliver cookies directly to you!

Please follow the below instructions to submit your order.

At present, we do not offer a pick-up or shipping option. 

All orders must be placed and paid for by 1 pm PST the day before delivery.

We do not accept same day orders.


Delivery Hours: 


8am - 8pm PST 

 Select your order quantity: 

  One Dozen - $25 

  Packaged in our signature gift box, includes one flavor from our menu. 


  Two Dozen - $40 

  Our most popular size! Packed in our beautiful, bow wrapped gift box, includes up to two      flavors from our menu. 

  Orders above two dozen - add $20 per additional dozen 

  For orders of more than 4 dozen, contact fydcookies@gmail.com to place your order. 


  • For 4 flavor assorted, add $10 total for up to 3 dozen. For orders of 4 dozen or more, assorted is included for free. 

  • Delivery is $15 within our LA Delivery radius (pink zone); delivery in our extended radius (purple zone) is $20. See map below for reference. 

  • We may be able to accommodate large events outside our delivery radius for an additional fee. To inquire about a specific delivery location, email fydcookies@gmail.com.  







 Choose Your Flavors

 Complete Your order In Our Shop


 Enjoy Cookies!



FYD* Cookies was founded in Los Angeles by two roommates who realized they'd created the best f*cking cookies in the world

(according to them and their friends).


They knew they just couldn't keep this miracle creation to themselves and decided to benevolently found FYD* cookies. Cookies so good they're worth forgetting your diet. 


FYD* Cookies are best eaten right away.


If you're a fan of melted chips (who isn't), put in the microwave for 5-10 seconds, and then enjoy. 


Questions or Special Order RequestS:

We would love to hear from you!

Shoot us an email at fydcookies@gmail.com. 

Customer Service Hours:


8am - 8pm PST

We will email you back within 24 hours.